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About Lindsay & Spirometry Training Services Africa

Lindsay began her career in 1991 when she qualified, with honours, as a professional nurse and then in 1995 achieved honours in Intensive Care Nursing. Lindsay then joined her husband in opening his private practice where she gained experience in lung function testing and clinical research.

It was in 1999, after being invited to speak to a group occupational health nurses that Lindsay realised the need for further education about this demanding technology.

She pioneered the first formal spirometry training course at the Durban Institute of Technology and has been teaching on the subject in SA and neighbouring countries ever since. Lindsay is currently delivering course presentations in spirometry, peak flow and asthma and initiating new developments in these fields.

In 2009 Lindsay travelled to the UK to get internationally recognised qualifications in spirometry and respiratory health care, passing all courses with honours. She wrote the article “10 Easy Steps To Checking Your Spirometry” published in May/June 2009 Occupational Health Southern Africa.

Lindsay is a member of the working technical committee that produced the South African National Standards for Spirometry (SANS 451) published 2008.

I am deeply committed to providing the highest standards of training and development and it is my desire to reach all persons involved in lung function testing in order to really make a difference to the understanding and usefulness of this test, thereby improving confidence and the overall standards of testing nationally and internationally.

In honouring her commitment, Lindsay also plans to bring web-based E-learning courses to South Africa in the near future, in association with a UK based training provider. She is also qualified as a Health UK trainer.

Lindsay is currently a trainer for the National Asthma Education Programme (NAEP) and is responsible for the Spirometry Programme within SASHON (Society of South African Occupational Health Nurses).

She is training medical personnel for Wellness Day’s Nationwide and initiating, planning and implementing a Centralised Spirometry Service.

Lindsay Zurba, Spirometry Training Facilitator
Lindsay Zurba

Managing Member

RN, RM, CHN, Psych.PN, Dip. ICU,
Dip. & Degree Modules Spirometry (UK),
Dip. Module Asthma (SA),
Dip. Module Smoking Cessation (UK).


Thank you so much for the great training. Its been a pleasure having you here. You are the best lecturer ever.


I really was impressed by the course and how well you taught it. You really do do your job very well – the key I think is your detailed knowledge and gifted way of portraying it in a way that is easy to follow and understand, and also your patience and kind encouragement always building your students up and reminding them of the things they are doing well.

Emily Hodge

I would like to thank you for the course it was much more than what we expected and your presentation was excellent and so professional, I take my hat off for you to be able to present the same info to doctors and almost complete novice students at the same time. You have a talent there.

Dr Mel Stronkhorst

I had an EXCELLENT TEACHER :) I really really enjoyed your course, one of the few few courses I have been to that the instructor manages to keep my full attention the entire time :)

Mrs Ruf-Qah Abbas Hoosain

Thank you so much for absolutely everything, the course was amazing!!

Mrs Refqah Isaacs

We are all extremely grateful for doing this course. The Lecturer, Lindsay, was fantastic and we loved her.

Dr Clint Cupido

WOW what a course!!! Thanks for being such a great teacher. I definitely can’t wait to start doing some spiro testing. I really had a great time with the group.

Faldielah Prins
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