Centralised Spirometry Over-Reading Service

Course Info

Who should attend?

The service is appropriate for any individual, practice or company who would like the support and reassurance that spirometry testing carried out meets an acceptable standard.

The overall strengths and weaknesses of data and processes within the spirometry testing programme, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each staff member involved can be assessed and corrected with appropriate feedback and training.

Course Description & Objectives

Inaccurate measurements of lung function are useless and, in some cases, can lead to misdiagnosis or the administration of incorrect treatment.

Spirometers have a computer interpretation system; however, a computer-suggested interpretation cannot always be relied upon and should not substitute for interpretations by an experienced healthcare professional and should not be used in making clinical decisions.

The quality assurance over-reading service has been initiated to ensure that the quality of spirometry performed in primary care, occupational and non-specialist office settings meets acceptable national and international standards. Prompt identification of shortfalls in spirometry quality arising from poor test acceptability, deficiencies in device accuracy or calibration, inappropriate use of test protocols or training issues can be identified.

The use of spirometry over-reading is expected to:

  • reduce the variability of spirometry
  • better overall quality
  • monitor calibration
  • assist in meeting national and international standards and legal requirements
  • remote telephonic coaching
  • be used for operator accreditation

Course Content

The way the service works is as follows:

  • Spirometry testing is conducted as normal in the work place with no additional effort required
  • Each spirogram is sent via email or fax to the spirometry expert for comment
  • The over-reader performs a fast, efficient quality review according to pre-selected criteria and the test is accepted or rejected by the over-reader
  • Within 24 hours written feedback is given to the user
  • In addition added services can be taken of:
    – A monthly report on each individual’s performance
    – A monthly report on the performance of the department
    – Individual telephonic encouragement, mentoring and training

Course Programme

The client can sign up for any of the following services:

1.Quality Assurance and Over-reading reporting on each individual test only:

  • 0-20 tests/month (R35/test)
  • 20-40 tests/month (R33/test)
  • 40-60 tests/month (R31/test)
  • 60-80 tests/month (R29/test)
  • 80-100 tests/month (R27/test)
  • 100-150 tests/month (R25/test)
  • 150-200 tests/month (R22/test)
  • Over 200 tests/month (R20/test)

(With no specific reporting other than the over-reading comments of each individual test)

2.Quality Assurance and Over-Reading plus telephonic training feedback and support of the spirometrists:

  • 0-20 tests/month (R45/test)
  • 20-40 tests/month (R43/test)
  • 40-60 tests/month (R41/test)
  • 60-80 tests/month (R39/test)
  • 80-100 tests/month (R37/test)
  • 100-150 tests/month (R35/test)
  • 150-200 tests/month (R32/test)
  • Over 200 tests/month (R30/test)

(Calls for telephonic training to be made by the spirometrists to the over-reader)

3.Monthly report on each individual operator:

  • 0-3 operators (R200/operator)
  • 4-7 operators (R180/operator)
  • 7-10 operators (R160/operator)

4. Monthly report on the spirometry service as a whole:

  • 0-3 operators (R800/operator)
  • 4-7 operators (R1000/operator)
  • 7-10 operators (R1200/operator)

Course Materials

The user of the service will need access to either a fax machine or preferably a scanner and computer with email so as to get the spirogram to the over-reader.

No other materials are required.

All paperwork will be sent and received via fax, email or in rural/undeveloped circumstances, by post.

Dates & Locations

This service is run from Durban, South Africa and is available internationally but was initiated and specialises in spirometry and the mentoring and training of spirometrists on the African continent.

Lindsay van der Linden 083 659 5299 | linds@icon.co.za


The cost of this service is dependent on the number of users, number of tests and which monthly services are required and can be seen under “Service Programme”.

For further clarity on costs or for an individualised written quotation please contact Lindsay van der Linden 083 659 5299 | linds@icon.co.za


To register for the Centralised Spirometry Quality Review and Over-Reading Service please contact Lindsay van der Linden or download registration form, complete it and fax to 086 5035989. On receipt of this form, you will be contacted for start up details.

DURATION: Per Test Review

COST: On Request